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Graffiti, Sketch, Or whatnot
Anything you want, only 300 points. I can do your name in graffiti, sketch your original character, or draw up one of your favorite Superheroes. I can do anything you so desire...

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This is the script for Korsaque and Mary issue 1, the first of six parts in an end-of-the world, fantasy, sci fi thriller.
Much like my comic, Salvia, each page will be drawn by a different artist (but lettered by the same)

Character Descriptions:
5'10" , 215 LBS (strong not fat). Always keeps a mask over his face which is kind of like an army of two mask, or a hockey mask with a skull on it. He is left handed, so pay attention to that. He has an array of tattoos covering a great deal of his body, however his tattoos are constantly changing (not like panel to panel, but when the mood changes, when different things are brought into place.) He has no hair. His eyes are blue. Carries a black backpack with a skateboard on it (page 2)... Has a .44 calibur six-shooter on his left hip as well. carry's a Corseque (medevial weapon, look up on wikipedia, or check out page 8 in deviation description below.) He is best represented so far in page 3.

5'3". Thin, with small-B cups.  Flat butt, not very curvy. About 16. She is best represented so far in page 2, however I view her skin a few shades darker...
She is wearing a striped oarnge and white shirt, shoulderless, long sleeved shirt.  Her pants are loose (well, for a girl) dark blue jeans. She wears black combat boots.  has a fake metal snake wrapped around her left forearm.

Page 1 (title page):
Artwork finished, awaiting letters...
shows the tower in which korsaque and mary are in.

Page 2:
Artwork finished. No words

Page 3:
Artwork finished.Letters finished.

Page. 4:      
Location: Main room (living roomish?). Has a round metal bowl in the middle about 3 1/2 feet diameter, in which they use as a fire.  On the floor is a rug about 8 feet long. The rug is a skinned, cat like creature, the pattern on it's fur is a blend of dark and light blue.  

Panel 1:
Korsaque is bringing wood to the round metal bowl in the middle of the room. Mary is leaned against the wall with a daydream-like expression Mary: I'm not asking for much, you know. I don't want my family back, or to taste chocolate ever again. I don't even care if I get a warm bath in the future, All i want is to be...

Panel 2
Korsaque puts his hand on Mary's shoulder. Korsaque:Stop it right there.  Mary, how many times do I have to tell you to not speak that word.  The more you manifest it, the more disappointed you will be when your dreams don't come true.

Panel 3:
Mary pushes Korsaque's hand off of her. Mary: Why do you treat freedom like it's something that has to be obtained?  I'm sick of our lifestyle. Korsaque: Freedom isn't free. Mary: Why the hell shouldn't It be?

Panel 4:
Korsque:  It's not whether there should be wars, or beasts, or corruption everywhere we turn.  There is. And wishing for it not to be isn't going to make it so.  Trust me, I've spent years doing that.  Now i try and focus on the few freedoms I do have. Mary: Name me one

Page 5:
Same location.
Panel 1:
Korsaque: Well, I can still sing, I can still think, imagine, dream... Mary: But all of that is pointless if you are constantly living in fear.
Panel 2:
Korsaque: Fear is a feeling, like love. And feelings, as I've come to know, can be controlled.
Mary, smirking: people can be controlled just as well.
Panel 3:mary looks over at korsaque.
Panel 4: Mary: why are you so down?
   Korsaque: I'm Fine
   Mary: Don't lie to me you have your daughter's face on your neck. (tattoo)
 Panel 5: Mary walks closer to korsaque
  Panel 6: Mary puts her hand on korsaque's chest "come on, let's dance."

Page 6:
amount of panels unimportant
the two dance, (more like father daughter then lovers), slow zoom out to some trees near the tower. the only words on the page are at the bottom, "we better get to bed soon. We need more food tomorrow, and I have a hunch our wet spell will be over for at least a few hours.

Page 7:

 Panel  1. In the trees stands the figures (not fully seen, waiting for a reveal  of  course in the nature of good comics haha) of Salgamoah and his creature side kick. I think it's best i don't know what these characters look like as well, since they will be in the shadows for a few issues. so whatever your pen leads you to create... creature: do we attack now master salgamoah?
Panel   2. Salgamoah hits the creature's head. Salgamoah: no, you  ignorant  fool. they are in their hideout right now.

   Creature: Getting ready to go to sleep i presume.
   Is that not the perfect time to strike?

Panel 3:
  Salgamoah: We are clearly in a world with no rules and no mercy.
   Do you think they would have survied the last 4 years without the brains to put in place proper security precautions in there quarters?

 Panel 4:
Creature: Then what are we doing here?
Panel 5: Salgamoah kicks creature. Salgamoah: We are waiting pet. paitently waiting.

Page 8:
Artwork done. Awaiting letters.
(next day. Rain has stopped.)
Panel 1:
   mary: this is about to be my second kill, how many are you at
   korsaque: i'm using my corseque mary, it's a bit harder
   korsaque: nice call kid.
   mary: you never answered my question.
   korsaque: 1 bird
   Mary: type?
   Korsaque: Pigeon.
   3. Mary: i win.
   4. korsaque looking at the sky
   korsaque: we better hurry kid, the skys lookin like we won't be able to hunt tomorrow. we have to get a lot today and i  don't want our food to rot."
   mary (off panel): you're the one who's behind, hurry up.

Page 9 :
Mary has no snake on her arm in this panel...
   1. shot of korsaque killing a snake. other wierd creatures are in background. they only eat not mutated animals. so makes sure there is at least one mutated animal on this page.
   2. mary killing a bird
   3. korsaque getting a fish.

Page 10:
Mary has no snake on her arm in this page...
an even 9 panel grid. no words.
   1. korsaque spots deer.
   2. mary spots deer on other side of deer
   3. korsaque jumps for deer while marys arrow flys past deer.
   4. korsaque hits ground. Arrow flys under him.
   5. both look at each other in a shrug like way.
   6. both running
   7. more running
   8. he throws corseque she shoots bow (do i keep spelling this wrong? idk fuck it)
   9. arrow and corseque threw deers head.

Page 11:

full page shot of korsaque skinning a deer. his shirt is off now since he's getting bloody and all. mary is sitting by him, snake is on her arm this page.  basically something that looks cool but that will let this huge ass conversation fit. ready? here we go:
   M: I'm sorry I almost shot you today.
   k: i anticipated the deer would move with my jump. you didn't anticipate it because you didn't see me. so you missed.
    m: but you always tell me to be mindful of my surroundings when shooting, Espessily you
   k: of course. But it was a little different situation.
   m: you aren't mad?
   k: when you see an unmutated animal thats actually safe to eat you don't think twice. well, when it's that big. if you'd of shot me over a pigeon i'd have made you skin this deer i got.
   m: who's to say you'd of got this deer?"
   m (again): Why do you use that fraggin weapon anyways?
   k: goes with the name.
   m: Really!!! Hahh!!! thats the lamest thing i've ever heard. how cliche.
   k: okay it's not as cool for you. you knew a lot of mary's growing up, i presume.  i've never met a single korsaque. not one. ole coresaque here is as close as i've come.
   m: so what you're really getting at find comfort...using an impractical weapon...because...mommy gave you a wierd name?
   K: we're connected. you wouldn't understand.

Page 11:

   1. mary, walking away: if they weren't all gone, i'd put you in a loonie bin.
   2. korsaque puts deer in big high upbox (presumably something to keep it cold one might think haha)
   3. he sees his arm while doing it. it says brooklyn in cursive with a thing of lemonade above.
   4. korsaque sits down on the ledge.
   5. Puts hands in face (looking as timid and small as a dude his size can.)

Page 12:
   1. little girl around 7 holding a broken pony (you are looking at her through korsaques eyes so you dont see him)
   Brooklyn: Daddy, can you help me fix my pony?
   Korsaque: It's broken, Brooklyn.
   Brooklyn: Can you help me make lemonade so i can sell it to make enough to buy a new horsie?
   2. All this page is korsaque's hand holding a 5 dollar bill out and his little girls hand grabbing it.  biggest shot on page.  obviously his daughter dies, and the reader will be made to beilive that it was how everyone else died (which im not sure of how to do it yet. maybe just not say because that would be more original then most of the other end of the world stuff.) Anyways, how she really dies is on her way to the store. but that won't be revealed for a while. the only reason i say this now is this stupid shot of the 5 dollar bill and the two hands has to be pretty damn cool. that's what changed his whole world. but it can't be so damn obvious that it's sweet, but the reader should go, "sweet."  god damn i ramble. k back to the story.
   Korsaque: Daddy's busy baby. Run down to allen's and pick one up.
     3. Brooklyn: thanks daddy. jumping into his arms.
     4. Big hug.

Page 13:
   1. Korsaque looks up.
   2. Korsaque looks at his tattoo. it changes to a picture of their tower
   3. There tower sets ablaze on the tattoo.
   4. Korsaque:"Mary! Time To GO!"

Page 14:

     Cursive writing, Mary's words, throughout page:
           Korsaque has me trained well. (shows mary changing her shirt) He protects me like a father (shows him getting his guns and a backpack).  Loves me like a friend (Shows her grabbing her weapons). And when shit goes down... (shows him grabbing his corseque,)

PAGE 15:

   Cursive writing, Marys words: I don't want any one else standing beside me.
   the two standing beside each other, in battle ready stance.  Mary now has on light armor of sorts
And is holding her guns.  She has a mask resembling the masks from the Army of Two game...but with a smiley face painted on it. Korsaque is now loaded with weapons and has his hood over his head...

Korsaque and Mary
Finished Pages (some without words)
Page 1:…

Page 2:

Page 3: 

Page 8:…

Random Refrences:
Korsaque's Mask…

Korsaque and Mary are best drawn how you feel best...don't let other's interperetations of the characters blind yours.

Levatwa Records Logo by timmywheeler
Levatwa Records Logo
Levatwa is a word dubbed by Colton Coffman to mean "Whatever shall be, shall be." He made the logo of my record company as well. The yin and yang dragon. Download some music at or
Caffine Deck by timmywheeler
Caffine Deck
I have a little local skate team in which I sponsor a few little kids 29th free griptape.  I normallydontdo boards, in fact this was my first.  Painted it for one of the kids on the team (Cole TheDiablo) who has Been super shredding and deserved it.


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